Holiday Things I Still Don’t Get

It’s that time of the year again… The time for… LISTS AND GIFs. Lists because I don’t feel like thinking about formatting and flow, and also because there’s a lot of festive shit I still just do not understand.


Bossey Boots’ Holiday WTF List

Elf on the Shelf
This creepy freakin’ doll apparently moves around your house at night by itself, and the whole purpose is to tell children that “it’s watching you, so behave.” Uhm, hi, hey, yeah, yoo-hoo? Does no one remember Chuckie? DOLLS ARE THE WORST PLEASE JUST NO.

devil dog.gif
What I picture this motherfluffin doll looks like when he “comes alive.” Commence nightmares.

Starbucks Holiday Cup Drama
It’s a fryging (Australian accent) coffee cup. Go sit in a snowbank and cool off. Find a hobby. Play with your kids. Get a dog. Go caroling. Literally anything else. I know this happened a year ago, but I still just can’t wrap my mind around the marshmallow meltdown people had over this.

You don’t get a drink if you don’t calm your ass down

Not Digging Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas is You

Did your soul freeze when the temps dropped? It’s fun. It’s happy. If you turn the music up really loud, you can pretend that you’re as vocally gifted as Mariah herself because you’re already on the holiday delusional train with the idea that the gifts you’re giving are actually great. I’ll make one concession: If you have to listen to the radio at work, you get a pass because radio ruins all.

hair curtain.gif
Me when I’m forced to listen to the radio. GO AWAY.

Flavored Candy Canes 

If they aren’t cinnamon or mint, just don’t. What the real deal is with the chocolate ones? THEY’RE THE WORST. They taste like reindeer poo and what I imagine Scrooge’s anti-holiday spirit feels like.



Ahhh, the herps of the holiday decoration world. It gets everywhere. It looks like someone looked at garland and decided, “No, we need this in a smaller format; let’s run it through a pasta maker, and then sprinkle that shit everywhere.” If you have cats, they’ll DEFINITELY fuck up your tree (as if they weren’t going to already).

Tinsel is now a vengeful pug


This is the horse drool-slathered salt lick of the meat world. Just a bunch of no. The Grinch can steal my ham. All of it.

steve harvey.gif
When I roll up and see ham is on the table

Baby, It’s Cold Outside drama

This was also a whole melodrama last year. And to that, I simply say, “Shhhhh.” Here’s what Interpretation of Lit in college taught me: If you think about anything enough, you can come up with almost any answer that makes (some) sense. Maybe they’re in a relationship; you don’t know. A big difference between “creepy” and “sweet” seems to be whether you’re mutually feelin’ all up on whoever is on the other side of those interactions.

yang dance it out.gif
Life motto. Think less, dance more. It’ll all be fine. And if it’s not? Dance harder. Dance longer. Just Dance. Gonna be okay. Da Da Doo Doo


I made these as a kid, and while theoretically, it’s a grand idea, does anyone ever actually make them? Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh yeah, these were my cookie-in-a-jar cookies. DYE-LUCIOUS.”


This is one that mindflips me every single year. I somehow still think that reindeer aren’t actually a real creature. Apparently, their association with Santa gets me all turned around. Oh yeah. Santa? Not real. OR IS HE?!

pipe drop.gif
I now have no clue. WHAT’S REAL ANYMORE?! 


This is the quicksand of the holiday season. As a kid, quicksand was in every movie, cartoon, story, etc. I grew up preparing to encounter it, but never actually did. Movies, shows, holiday stories all make a big deal out of having The ‘Nog at parties, but I’m 26 and have not seen it at one single Christmas event. Probably because it’s nutmeg-spiced glog that will demolish your digestive faculties.

katt williams wait.gif
Me, looking for the eggnog, even though I want absolutely none. 

Coca-Cola Polar Bears

Where the fuck did all the cute Coca-Cola polar bear commercials go? (I’ll admit they may still be running, but being that I rarely watch cable, I feel like they’re gone.) Did global warming take those, too? FIRST THE GUMDROPS, AND NOW THE CUTE LITTLE POLAR BEARS?! CURSE YOU LORD FARQUAAD.

I vote we blame this dickbutt for everything. 

How anyone doesn’t like A Christmas Story.

What is wrong with you?! SCUT FARKUS! Any part that has Randy in it. Any one of the million and a half quotable lines. Pick something. But if you don’t like this movie, your Holiday Humor Regulometer is broken, and you need to go to the North Pole to have that fixed. Ask for Hermey the Elf. I know he was a dentist in Rudolph, but he probably knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somethin’ bout…

scut farkus.gif
Watch it. Right now. I don’t even care if you finish reading. Go figure out how to love this gem of a Christmas tradition.

Last Minute Gift Getting

Why I still wait until the last minute to buy presents and somehow expect it to turn out better than it has the past 5 years is beyond me. I just had this conversation with my parents. “Remember how three weeks ago I said I wasn’t gonna do that this year? Welp… I’m doing that this year!” Procrastination has always been a full-fledged skill. At this point, it would likely qualify as a disease.

Me, entering every shop two days before Christmas. *hoarse voice* “Say you still have things!”

Black Friday Shopping

I don’t get the appeal. I received some “insider trading” info from someone who worked at Target. Apparently, they mark up the prices leading into BF, so you think you’re getting better deals. But, if you’re the kind of person who gets off on beating other people to the newest thing, by all means, have at. Imma stay at home and have second Thanksgiving dinner.

second breakfast.gif

My Aunt’s Ridiculously Delicious Sugar Cookies

I still can’t figure out exactly what it is, but I have never had a sugar cookie that tastes better than the ones my aunt sets out at Christmas Eve shenanigans. I don’t know what she puts in those bad boys, but they’re perfect. Probably the tears of elves and the fairy dust of the sugar plum bitch.

tink spank.gif
Maybe she booty spanks Tink. Whatever it is, my mouth loves it.


Happy Holidays, people. Enjoy your weird traditions and marveling at the things I really don’t get. Eat some cookies. Avoid ham. Be merry.


Bossey Boots

2 thoughts on “Holiday Things I Still Don’t Get

  1. Every time, every single time…. I smile thinking of you & your writing. I remind myself you are all grown up & must make your parents proud & have a great way with words to make us think. I think how teaching was a not such a fun gig at times in Alta but thankful on days like this! Every time….. I smile & thank God I got to play a small part in your education! Merry Christmas you adult & thanks for making me smile! To all the fam, a huge hello!

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