Optimus Prime: Engineering the Alpha (Female)

Welp, I survived Phase I (Prime).

That’s the real goal of this program: Become a Transformer.

The first two weeks weren’t as terrible as expected, and lots of marvelous things happened. The second two weeks, however… ROUGH.

mess kerry wash

In the interest of full disclosure, I lacked the tenacious, rigid discipline I had in the first two weeks. The dietary requirements were easier (more carbs), so it wasn’t difficult; I just made different choices. As such, I recognize that my results will be less dramatic, and that “what could have been” will always lie within this two week period.

This two weeks will be my fluffy unicorn.

I’m still losing weight. My measurements are smaller. I did have a few nights out drinking. While I stuck to hard liquor and a 3 drink max, I still ingested useless calories, even though I adjusted my food intake.

Halloween in Chicago screwed me; I ended my night out with a slice of pizza larger than my face. Do I regret it? No. I’m still salivating over how delightful it tasted after two weeks of deprivation.

yas pizza.gif
LOL me to that pizza tho

The next day, I had Indian food with my best friend’s family. Do I regret that, either? Absolutely not. Indian food is delicious. What I regret is eating so much I felt one poke away from exploding. I was a little too pumped about Samosas and butter chicken.

But like, Indian food. Diet? What diet? INDIAN FOOD.

I behaved the rest of the week. I discovered the low-sugar magic that is Lindt Supreme Dark Chocolate (90% Cocoa) on days where I really felt unstable without a little love from chocolate. This revealed an interesting thing: What I craved from “chocolate” was more the high sugar content than the actual chocolate. Ingesting 90% cocoa sent drastic changes down the taste bud chain-of-command, and in weeks since, I’ve come to prefer the bitterness. As an 8-year-old described it to me, “It kinda tastes like coffee!” and boy, do I love coffee.

Whole thing has me feelin’ like

The final week, though: Woof. I ate Thai food, destroyed an entire Short’s Dundee Burger because burgers are my glutton-fave, and it was a date and because it was a burger. But my biggest muck up: I ate, no exaggeration, two pints of ice cream during the election. Talk about stress and distress. Stress over the state of the country, and digestive distress the next day, which I spent fasting because I felt deservedly terrible. But that was the best Blue Bunny Cookies & Cream I’ve ever had. The Mint Chip Halo Top was pretty bomb, too (and better nutritionally).

swoon faint.gif
Worth fainting over. Deeeeelicious.

Week 4 was a total fail. I probably could have shaved a few more pounds and an inch here and there. I realize this. I’m okay with it. I’m looking and feeling good. Fasting is rougher some days than others, but bearable. I have moderate concern over the stability of my insulin, and how it will affect the efficacy of Indulgence Days. I suppose I’ll see.

Week 4, meet giant blue ball.

Worst case scenario? I re-do the insulin reset. Not ideal, but doable. Phase II has begun, and I’m excited for Sunday because Basta Spaghetti and Meatballs. Drooling.


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