Bossey Boots Dictionary

The guide to speaking HBIC: Abbreviations, acronyms and phrases featured on Bossey Boots

HBICHead Bitch in Charge
Found in post sign-off. Variations and tidbits may be snuck into parts of the acyronym. Ex: HBeastIC.

BABS Boss Ass Bitch Shit

DM – Dance Marathon
A student organization dedicated to raising financial and emotional support for families battling pediatric cancer. Each year culminates with The Big Event, a 24-hour (some schools do 36), no sitting, no sleeping, no caffeine dance party to celebrate those who’ve won, those who’ve lost, and to support those currently fighting. It’s life-changing.

GTs – Good Times

Any kind of goopy, squishy, soft, vulnerable emotion Millennials desperately avoid

RBFResting Bitch Face
A thing I’ve suffered from pretty much my whole life